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Version: 6.17.1-beta.3

Building Smartface Apps With Appcircle

You can generate Smartface iOS and Android binaries using Appcircle Mobile CI/CD Platform in the browser and manage the lifecycle of your mobile applications.

For the full documentation please refer to the Appcircle docs.

Appcircle Documentation | Appcircle Docs
Learn to use Appcircle for your mobile CI/CD processes with developer guides, sample applications, and other information you will need.
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For more information about Appcircle, please refer to:

Appcircle is an easy-to-setup mobile CI/CD platform with testing and store deployment.Basically, we help you make fully-automated, better and more frequent mobile app releases.
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If you have a specific use case or a need to locally build your application, refer to this page:

Building Smartface Apps