Creating Enterprise App Store Items

Uploading a Binary

When you first launch the Enterprise App Store module, you will be instructed to create new store item either by dragging the binary over the upload area (APK or IPA file) or by browsing your files to locate the binary.

If you already have store items, you can use the "New Store Item" button on the top right corner to create a new store item. When you press this button, upload screen will be displayed.

During the upload, the progress will be displayed as follows. After the file is fully uploaded, it is checked for errors and parsed to identify if it is an iOS or Android binary. If there is an error, it is displayed above the upload progress bar.

Creation of a Store Item from the Binary

If the file is a valid Android or iOS binary, it is parsed and file information is extracted automatically such as the platform, version, name, package name/application ID, etc.

Regardless of the package name/application ID (, any binary that is uploaded as from the "New Store Item" option will create a new item in the enterprise app store. New versions of an app can be added in an existing store item in item details. However, a binary with a different package name/application ID cannot be added to an existing store item.