Enterprise App Store Reports

User-based and App-based Storefront Reports

From the "Reports" tab under the Enterprise App Store module, you can view certain reports based on the user data accessing the storefront and downloading the apps.

You can view the data for all apps or for individual apps. For all apps view, the first chart shows the downloads of each app and in the individual app view, the first chart shows the downloads of each version of that app.

The second chart shows the OS percentages and the third chart shows the manufacturer percentages related with the selected app.

You can click on the legend items to toggle their visibility in the chart.

Below the charts, you can view the individual download data for all users and export them in CSV format using the "Export" button. You can search for a specific user using the search box.

If you are using the static authentication method, the table will display a single user name and repeating items that are attributed to different sessions. With LDAP or OAuth authentication methods, the table will display each user individually.

Information about the data source and the scope

Please note that these reports are based on the data provided by the users' browsers and reflects the usage of Enterprise App Store storefront. The data cannot be considered as full featured app analytics, which require the implementation of an analytics service within the app itself.