Managing Enterprise App Store Items

Store Item Details and Adding a New Binary

When you click on a item in the item list, you will be directed to the item details screen. In this screen, you can see all the binaries that is served under a store item along with the listing details.

To upload a new binary, which will be added as a new version, press the "New Upload" button and you can follow the same upload steps as creating a new profile. The profile will be updated with the new version. The latest version will be displayed at the top.

Binary Operations

There are three actions available for each binary in the binary list. The "Active/Inactive" switch activates/deactivates the file to be served in the storefront for the compatible devices. The "Download with QR" button allows you to download the binary from your mobile device for testing and the "Delete" button allows you to delete that binary. You can also click on the binary name to download it.

You can reorder the serving order of the binaries from the controls on the left. If multiple binaries are compatible with a device, the binary on the top will be served from the storefront.

Editing Item Details

After you make any changes in the availability of a binary or update the descriptions, press the "Save Store" button to apply the changes. Description fields are required to save an item.