Creating & Managing Teams

Team List

When you click the "Teams" button, the list of teams are displayed. "Individual testers" group will be always displayed even if there are no teams. You can add testers without specific teams to this group. Individual emails specified during app distribution will be automatically added to this group.

You can press "New Team" to create a team by adding users or click on a team to add/remove testers to that team.

Creating a New Team

When you press the "New Team" button, "Add Team" dialog is displayed.

You can add members in the "Tester(s)" field one by one by typing in their email addresses and pressing enter or comma. As you type in testers, autocomplete feature displays the list of matching email addresses in the test users database. If you have a an mass email list, you can paste them in the "Tester(s)" field, separated by commas.

After adding testers and specifying a team name, press "Create Team" to complete the process.

Managing Teams

When you click on a team in the team list screen, you will be presented with the list of members in that team with the option to add/remove members.

To add a team member, specify their email address in the "+ Email" field and press "Add Tester" button.

To remove a team member, press the delete icon on the left of the email address of that member.

Deleting Teams

To delete a team, press the "Delete Team" link and select "Yes" on the team list screen.