Managing & Sharing Versions

Profile Details and Binary Operations

When you click on a profile in the profile list, you will be directed to the profile details screen. In this screen, you can see the details of each version.

To upload a new binary, which will be added as a new version, press the "New Upload" button and you can follow the same upload steps as creating a new profile. The profile will be updated with the new version. The latest version will be displayed at the top.

There are five actions available for each version in the version grid.

  • The first button displays the version details where you can share it with testers.

  • The second and the third buttons allow you to publish your apps directly to the Enterprise App Store or to the Submit to Store module. - Please note that these features are deprecated and may not work as intended.

  • The fourth button allows you to download the binary for that version

  • The fifth button allows you to delete that version

Version Details

In the version details screen, you can view the details of the currently uploaded binary file, download it with the "Download" link or delete it with the "Delete" link.

The "Send for Testing" button is explained in the next section.

Sharing Apps for Testing

When you press the "Send for Testing" button, "Send Link" dialog is displayed.

You can add individual testers or testing teams in the "Teams & Individual Tester(s)" field one by one by typing in email addresses or team names and pressing enter or comma. As you type in testers, autocomplete feature displays the list of matching teams and users. If you have a an mass email list, you can paste them in this field, separated by commas. By specifying the message in the "Message to Testers" field, you can share any information with these users in the body of the email they receive.

After adding testers and writing a message, press "Send Test Link" to send an email to the testers with a unique download link of the binary.