Release Notes, 6.10.1

This release focuses on minor feature additions and improvements in the framework along with the first open beta release of the Smartface Cloud Marketplace.

🚧Minimum required versions for SF-core 3.2.1

Android: v6.10.1 iOS: v6.10.1 UI Editor: v6.12.0 Context: v2.0.3 CLI: v6.9.9


  • added: [Cloud Services] Marketplace(beta)

  • improved: [Framework] loadFromUrl onError changed to onFailure.

  • improved: [Framework] MaterialTextBox rightLayout

  • improved: [Framework] SearchView cursorText on iOS.

  • improved: [Framework] SearchView cursorColor on Android.

  • improved: [Framework] Font usage has standardized.

  • improved: [Framework] Changed defaults on iOS for switch component.

  • improved: [Framework] Added TabbarController auto capitalize property.

  • improved: [Framework] Added iOS System Icons on headerBar.

  • added: [Framework] Added activityIndicatorViewStyle property on iOS.

  • added: [Framework] Added safeAreaInsets property on iOS

  • improved: [Framework] Implemented strike-through option for AttributedString.

  • improved: [Framework] Implemented contentInsets property to headerBar on Android.

  • improved: [Framework] Android Switch Toggle & Thump Image.

  • improved: [Framework] Android Ripple Touch Effect.

  • improved: [UI-Editor] Removed borderVisibility property in attributes.

  • improved: [UI-Editor] Added default style to Android StatusBar.

  • improved: [UI Editor] Added LARGE view style to iOS ActivityIndicator.

  • improved: [UI-Editor] Added initialized property to library component.

  • fixed: [UI-Editor] Fixed rendering of library page when component has relative position type.

  • fixed: [UI-Editor] Fixed AUTO value of alignItems property.

  • fixed: [UI-Editor] Fixed explorer autofocus.