Release Notes, 6.11.0

Major Release with Router, UI Import from Sketch, Improved RTL and Improved Logging

This release is a major release with a number of new features in the platform for faster and more productive development.

New Router Structure

It is hard to navigate and route between pages in mobile apps. Managing the UI and the router simultaneously can be confusing or can cause some issues like stacking navigation flows or routing between irrelevant pages.

Smartface Router separates the Application Flow Logic and the UI Logic from each other and provides a higher degree of control.

🚧Backward Compatibility

If you opt-in to use the new router, projects with the previous router will require refactoring.

UI Import from Sketch

Sketch is a proprietary vector graphics editor for Apple's macOS. Smartface Sketch Export Tool makes easier to import components. You can find the project here.

Improved RTL Support

With the improved RTL support, it's easier to manage LTR-RTL layout and language changes without depending on the device language.

Improved Logging

There are all around console.log improvements for higher productivity and more extensive testing. Performance measurements can also be measured with the console log.

🚧Minimum required versions for SF-core 4.0.0

Android: v6.11.0 iOS: v6.11.0 UI Editor: v6.13.0

Two SmartApps are updated with the new Smartface Router. You can refer to them to develop your apps.

📘.dsym File Support

dSYM files store the debug symbols for your app. Services like crashlytics use it to replace the symbols in the crash logs with the appropriate methods names so it will be readable and will make sense.The benefit of using the dSYM is that you don't need to ship your app with it symbols making it harder to reverse engineer it and also reduce your binary size. Debug files are available on iOS. It is placed under output/iOS/myDebug.dsym.

UI Editor Adding a New Page

Creating a new page is fast and more interactive.

Migrating Firebase

By virtue of GCM's deprecating by Google and migrating to Firebase; Smartface Fabric plugin is migrated to Firebase.

StatusBar Backward Compatibility

With this release statusBar removed from Page and moved under Application.

Before: this.statusBar.visible Now: Application.statusBar.visible

MapView Backward Compatibility

With setCenterLocationWithZoomLevel property, zoomLevel & centerLocation became read-only. These properties must be removed otherwise errors will be occurred.


  • added: [UI-Editor] New devices to the UI-Editor preview.

  • added: [UI-Editor] ShimmerLayout component for skeleton loading.

  • added: [Framework] Force app to RTL Direction

  • added: [Framework] Android Search view iconify and custom search icon.

  • added: [Framework] Router

  • improved: [Framework] RTL Support

  • improved: [Framework] Localize apps to support multiple languages in runtime.

  • improved: [Framework] Orientation update (config to page) on iOS.

  • improved: [Framework] Added Softkey and Navbar customization on Android.

  • improved: [Framework] MapView setCenterLocationWithZoomLevel method

  • improved: [Framework] Added Transparent & Translucent HeaderBar.

  • improved: [Framework] Textview text performance improvement.

  • improved: [Framework] Adjust contentInset behavior for scrollable object on iOS.

  • improved: [Framework] Nested Popup is available on Android too.

  • improved: [Framework] UI Feedback Vibration Effect is added.

  • improved: [Framework] Fabric & Firebase are updated based on GCM Firebase Migrate.

  • improved: [Framework] onGesture to adjust touch movement

  • improved: [Framework] Android touch event

  • improved: [Framework] Headerbar custom font support

  • improved: [Framework] HeaderBar ParentController on iOS.

  • improved: [UI-Editor] console.log

  • improved: [Framework] AMCE library has been developed (based on - MCS)

  • improved: [Framework] AMCE library supports OAuth2

  • improved: [Framework] AMCE library uses promises

  • improved: [Framework] Util Promise.finally pollyfill

  • improved: [Framework] Util touch library default effects have been changed

  • fixed: [Framework] File asset on Android

  • fixed: [Framework] Util Service Call fix for missing headers in the request

  • fixed: [Framework] Util Alert fix for use cases for options