Release Notes, 6.11.2

This release provides improvements and new features for more flexibility in the user interface development as well as optimizations and new features regarding battery consumption.

🚧Minimum required versions for SF-core 4.0.2

Android: v6.11.2 iOS: v6.11.2 UI Editor: v6.15.0 contx: 2.2.7

Power Consumption Optimizations

Battery life is always one of the primary concerns for mobile devices and it is probably the most crucial one in terms of actually using a device.

Besides mobile networks, operating systems offer a number of connectivity options such as Bluetooth, WiFi and also other features such as GPS & Accelerometer, which all consume significant amount of battery. Some of the other factors that affect battery are the constantly running background services or bright screens.

With this release, we made a number of optimizations to reduce the battery consumption of Smartface apps and we also provide some features that will help during development. Such as:

  • Location based services drain batteries, so don’t poll for location if you do not need it. To access the last known location info without tracking again, you can utilize the getLastKnownLocation method.

  • The highest power-consuming sensors are the GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope. Leaving them on all the time will consume the battery faster. For this reason, the sensors should be paused whenever possible. Accelerometer stop() & start() functions have been improved to reduce battery consumption.

  • When application is restarted all background tasks will stop and they will also be restarted.


  • added: [Framework] Location getLastKnownLocation property is added to optimize battery usage.

  • added: [Framework] SecureData feature is added to increase security.

  • added: [Framework ellipsizeMode is added to the framework and to the UI editor

  • added: [Framework] RightBar component is now available on iOS

  • added: [Framework] font & attributedTitle are added to customize BottomTabbar & Headerbar fonts

  • added: [Framework] Managing themes became possible on runtime app on Android.

  • added: [Framework] scrollEnabled property is added for TextView & Label on Android to make them possible scrollable when maxLines is set.

  • added: [Framework] Managing native theming became possible on runtime app on Android.

  • improved: [Framework] MaterialTextBox compatibility on Android 5.0 & 5.1

  • improved: [Framework] saveInstanceState & restoreInstanceState methods are added to GridView & ListView to manage animations better

  • improved: [Framework] Added return type undefined on itemByIndex when the position is invisible on Android

  • improved: [Framework] Accelerometer has been improved to optimize battery usage

  • improved: [Framework] onAttachedWindow & onDetachedFromWindow help to control views

  • improved: [Framework] maxLines property is added for Label & TextView instead of multiLine.

  • improved: [Framework] shareText & shareImage & shareFile methods are deprecated & merged into a single share method.

  • improved: [Framework] Android emulator is more stable in updates if there are changes that already exist.

  • fixed: [Framework] getPackageVersion property is now functional.

  • fixed: [Framework] If onRowCreate/onItemCreate returns an instance apart from a GridViewItem/ListViewItem an error will help to be informed instead of crash.

  • broken: [Framework] multiline property has been deprecated for Label & Textview

  • broken: [Framework] Dialog.hideKeyboard is deprecated