Release Notes, 6.11.4

This release provides minor framework improvements.

🚧Minimum required versions for SF-core 4.0.4

Android: v6.11.4 iOS: v6.11.4 UI Editor: v6.15.1 Context: v2.2.7 CLI: 6.11.6

❗️End of support for Smartface on iOS 10 and earlier versions of iOS

Apple’s data indicates only 4% percent of users are still on iOS 10 or below. Starting with the next release version, Smartface will no longer be supported for updates on devices running iOS 10 or earlier. We recommend that you review your Apple devices and update them to the latest supported iOS version.


  • added: [Framework] Detect whether there is an Internet connection available on Android & iOS by means sf-extension-utils v6.4.0 release version.

  • added: [Framework] Never ask again option is checked on runtime permissions on Android via sf-extension-utils v6.7.0.

  • added: [Framework] Pdf rendering capability is added in WebView.

  • added: [Framework] onConsoleMessage method is added to WebView to handle different log types.

  • added: [DOC] onChangedURL is not be triggered in case of loading URL with HTTP(S) schemes.

  • added: [DOC] WebView.onLoad method definition has been clear for Android.

  • fixed: [Framework] Barcode scanner is enhanced by dint of increasing FPS on iOS.