Release Notes, 6.12.2

This release includes minor fixes and enhancements.

🚧Minimum required versions for SF-core 4.0.7.

Android: v6.12.2 iOS: v6.12.2 UI Editor: v6.15.1 Context: v2.2.7 CLI: 6.12.2

Android Material TextBox Font Size

The font size used in the Material Textboxes can be set to a specific value through the style.xml file.

selected hint text size and error text size can be modified as follows by modifying the dp values in the config/Android/styles.xml file:XML

<style name="SFMaterialTextBoxHintAppearance" parent="TextAppearance.Design.Hint" >
<item name="android:textSize">40dp</item>
<style name="SFMaterialTextBoxErrorTextAppearance" parent="TextAppearance.Design.Error" >
<item name="android:textSize">10dp</item>

Please refer for more.

What's New?

  • Framework - appName is added and smartfaceAppName is deprecated.

  • Framework - By assigning the transitionViewsCallback, transition views animation (reveal animation) state can be tracked.

  • Framework - MaterialTextBox object has now additional properties to enable changing the text size of hint, error & selected hint.

  • Framework - Xcode updated to 10.3 on Smartface cloud services.