Release Notes, 6.13.1

This is a major release for new Android features.

­čÜžMinimum required versions for sf-core 4.1.1

Android: v6.13.1 iOS: v6.13.1 UI Editor: v6.15.1 Context: v2.2.10 CLI: 6.13.1

Android 10 Full Support

With the upcoming releases of Android 10 on non-Google devices, we are also moving our support for Android 10 to our release channel from our beta channel. (Note that Android 10 adoption is still less than 1% as of the date of this release.)

Android 10-Specific Changes

Due to the changes in the Android APIs, the following features are updated:

  1. The following device data won't be accessible anymore:


  • IMEI

  • vendorID


  • IMSI

  1. Permission screen is updated as follows:

­čÜžAndroid 10 compatibility for util libraries

sf-extension-utils are required to be updated to v9.0.0 to avoid potential compatibility issues.

­čÜžAccessing Native APIs

If you use native api access, you should check whether your implementation works in Android 10. Some non-SDK interfaces are disabled in Android 10.

RTL Supported SwipeView & Tabbar Controller

With sf-extension-utils v8.1.0, RTL Supported SwipeView & Tabbar Controller is now available. SwipeView had some gesture issues in Android 9 and 10, these libraries can be used to fix these errors.

What's New?

-Framework -loadFromUrl & fetchFromUrl functions has a new parameter called useHTTPCacheControl to on off Http cache-control. -Framework -With this release, memoryPolicy parameter is being used to manage Picasso Library's cache mechanism & disk storage. Please refer to this document for more information. -Framework -ImageView image editing aspectRatio is enabled on startCamera & pickFromGallery. -Framework -Added userAgent property -Framework -Android emulator optimized for Android 9 and 10.