Release Notes, 6.14.0

Minimum required versions for sf-core v4.1.2

Android: v6.14.0 iOS: v6.14.0 UI Editor: v6.15.1 Context: v2.2.10 CLI: 6.14.2


We recommend working in a separate branch when migrating. Also try to avoid refactoring your code while performing the migration.

Player version must be the updated to v6.14.0

Android Plugin Support

We have made some structural changes on plugin development. We support AAR file, library module and remote binary dependencies.

You can use AAR file directly on your workspace. Put your AAR file or library module on your workspace.JSON

"build": {
"android": {
"plugins": {
"aars": {
"aar-name": {
path: "your-aar-path",
active: true
"modules": {
"library-name": {
path: "your-library-path",
active: true

Edit your dependencies.gradle file under config/Android.Groovy

dependencies {
// Dependency on local binaries
implementation(name: 'file-name', ext: 'aar')
// Dependency on a local library module
implementation project(':library-name')
// Dependency on a remote binary
implementation ''

What's New?

  • Framework - Slider Drawer is working properly on iOS 13.

  • Framework - sf-extension-utils is updated to v9.0.2 fix minor bug.

  • Framework - GridView calculate item width minor bug fixed.

  • Framework - fix a minor bug of dialog layout and UI button press on Android 9 and 10.

  • Framework - fix a minor bug TextAlignment is applied on textView correctly on IOS.

  • Framework - fix a minor bug of non responsive after typing numbers in MTB on IOS.

  • Framework - update AlertView to support editable fields. addTexBox

  • Framework - Android’s default text unit size sp (scale-independent pixels) is changed to dp (density independent pixel)