Release Notes, 6.16.3

This release contains additional multimedia features and improvements.

🚧 Minimum required:

sf-core v4.3.0 🚀 Android :v6.16.3 🚀 iOS: v6.16.3 🚀 UI Editor: v6.15.1 Context: v2.2.10 CLI: v6.15.5 IDE: v7.6.1

Video Recorder & MP4 Converter

In the example below, a video is recorded with the camera app and then the recording is converted to the mp4 format.

import PermissionUtil = require('sf-extension-utils/lib/permission');
import Multimedia = require("sf-core/device/multimedia");
PermissionUtil.getPermission(Application.Android.Permissions.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, 'Please go to the settings and grant permission')
.then(() => {
page: this,
videoQuality: Multimedia.VideoQuality.HIGH,
maximumDuration: 10,
onSuccess: (params: { video: File }) => {
outputFileName: "myVideo",
onCompleted: ({ video: File }) => {
console.log("Video File Converted");
.then((reason) => {'Permission rejected');

What's new?

[Framework] Contacts component improved with the search by phone number feature. [Framework] Multimedia startCamera method is separated into two separate methods; capturePhoto & recordVideo [Framework] Added VideoQuality & MaximumDuration properties to the Video Recording feature. [Framework] Added Mp4 converter method to the Multimedia component [Framework] Added multiline property to the MaterialTextBox component.