Release Notes, 6.7.0


Upcoming Improvements in ECMAScript 6 Compliance

This release brings in under-the-hood changes in the V8 and JavaScriptCore engines for the upcoming improvements in ECMAScript 6 compliance. Stay tuned for the next release for full improvements and details.

🚧Upcoming Deprecation of iOS 9 Support

To be able to improve the ECMAScript 6 compliance, Smartface 6.7.0 will be the last version to support iOS 9 as JavaScriptCore on iOS9 is not compliant with ECMAScript 6. Please note that based on the official statistics provided by Apple, currently, less than 5% of the devices are using iOS 9 and below.

🚧Upcoming Deprecation of Android x86 Support

Smartface 6.7.0 will be the last version to support x86 architecture on Android as Intel discontinued the mobile processor line 2 years ago. Applications may still work fine on x86 devices with the built-in support in Android to run ARM binaries in x86, though this is not guaranteed.

Font Previewing

In the properties panel, the text is now displayed with the selected font.

As in the screenshot, preview of Times New Roman is shown in the Text field.

Component Tooltips in the Toolbox

For an improved user experience, detailed explanations of components along with a link to the API Docs are provided as tooltips.

Android Permission for Remote App Updating

READ_PHONE_STATE permission must be granted for remote app updating after 6.7.0 and later version.JavaScript

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE"/>

Look at updated remote app update guide.


  • added: [UI Editor] Font previewing

  • added: [UI Editor] Component tooltips in the toolbox

  • added: [Framework] MapView cluster​

  • added: [Framework] ImageCrop​

  • added: [Framework] User information support for RAU Reports

  • added: [Cloud Services] Enterprise App Store Custom Role Management

  • added: [Cloud Services] Enterprise App Store Custom Role Import Tool

  • added: [Cloud Services] Remote App Update Reports (beta)

  • fixed: [UI Editor] UI files not being generated issue

  • fixed: [UI Editor] Attributes won't be rendered on design area when specified in a style file

  • fixed: [Framework] Fixed downloading resources for Android