Release Notes, 6.7.1

This release focuses on improvements and new features regarding the user interface objects along with general maintenance updates.

Deprecation of iOS 9 and Android x86 Support

As previously announced in the version 6.7.0 release notes, starting from Smartface 6.7.1, iOS 9 and Android x86 is no longer supported; though the apps may continue to work. 6.7.0 will be last version to support iOS9 and Android x86 officially. Please refer to the 6.7.0 release notes for more details.

Content-based Auto Sizing in ScrollView

In order to make a ScrollView to be scrollable to show its full content, manual operations to calculate and set layoutWidth and layoutHeight properties are no longer required starting from Smartface Cloud version 6.7.1

layoutWidth and layoutHeight will be calculated by device automatically when autoSizeEnabled is set. This property is available in the properties panel


  • added: [UI Editor] New GridView & GridViewItem components

  • added: [UI Editor] Content-based auto sizing in ScrollView

  • added: [UI Editor] New properties for SearchView

  • added: [UI Editor] Auto require support

  • added: [UI Editor] Require snippets for JavaScript

  • added: [UI Editor] Easy switching between visual design mode & source code

  • added: [UI Editor] Warning mechanism when session is timed out for publishing processes

  • added: [Framework] ScrollView auto size calculation

  • added: [Framework] Connection Notifier for the Network Object

  • improved: [UI Editor] After pressing enter in the property panel, input field will keep the focus

  • improved: [UI Editor] Number input type is used when necessary in the property panel

  • improved: [UI Editor] Update mechanism for the library components

  • improved: [UI Editor] Performance of the styles panel

  • improved: [UI Editor] User experience of "Run on Device" process

  • improved: [Framework] ListView multiple item management

  • fixed: [UI Editor] Setting TextView properties issue

  • fixed: [UI Editor] When no breakpoint is set, debug doesn't work

  • fixed: [UI Editor] Name property of HeaderBar & StatusBar shouldn't be changable

  • fixed: [UI Editor] Rendering issue in theme rules

  • fixed: [Framework] Minor push notification issues

  • added: [Framework] SearchView improvements