Release Notes, 6.8.1

Performance Improvements and V8 Engine Update

Building further on the previous releases, this is a major maintenance release with under-the-hood performance and engine improvements.

Besides the general optimizations all around the SF-core framework, JavaScript V8 engine has been updated for more capabilities and higher performance on Android. (For iOS, the JavaScriptCore engine was updated on version 6.7.0)

🚧Minimum required versions for SF-core 3.1.1

Android: v6.8.1 iOS: v6.8.1 UI Editor: v6.10.2 Context: v1.5.0


  • added: [Framework] Remove all pins from MapView at once

  • added: [Framework] hintTextColor property for TextBox

  • added: [Framework] Get notified if a child View is being removed or added

  • added: [Framework] Pop-up Page support

  • added: [Framework] Add consumeTouch property to touch util

  • improved: [Framework] Android Version 8 Support On Runtime

  • improved: [Framework] Theme support for Calendar component

  • improved: [Framework] Location performance on Android to prevent unnecessary power consumption

  • improved: [Framework] Android Tabbar

  • improved: [Framework] Useful template projects that we call recipes

  • improved: [Cloud Services] Cloud build servers SSL updates

  • fixed: [Framework] Return value of onTouch (Consumes or propagates touch depending on the return value)

  • fixed: [Cloud Services] Enterprise app store style page is not working properly