Release Notes, 6.9.0

This is a major release for new operating system version support as well as improved experience in certain settings and processes.

🚧Minimum required versions for SF-core 3.1.2

Android: v6.9.0 iOS: v6.9.0 UI Editor: v6.10.2 Context: v1.5.1 CLI: v6.9.4

iOS 12 Support

In line with our commitment to enterprises for day-1 support for new OS versions, Smartface Cloud now supports iOS 12. To update your app, just republish your app with the new SF-core.

Android Updates

Android libraries, Gradle and NDK are updated for improved compatibility. Application.packageName property is changed to

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR Compatibility

If your app has already adopted safe area insets, there's not much you will need to do to update your app for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

Supported orientations of your app can be managed with a field named config.orientation in the config/project.json file. This limits the supported orientations that any page can do over what is given to the page. For instance, if the portrait field is true and the other fields are false, all the pages of your app will have the portrait orientation.JSON

"config": {
"orientation": {
"portrait": true,
"upsideDown": true,
"landScapeLeft": true,
"landScapeRight": true

8-Digit Hexadecimal Color Values (Required Update - Manual)

8 digit hexadecimal color values such as #00FFFFFF are no longer supported. You need to locate all such values and replace them with corresponding rgba or 6-digit hexadecimal values. You can use Search In This Folder feature by right-clicking the /themes folder at the root.

Getting Players via the CLI

Before this release, you were required to specify custom players in the project.json file. With this release, this is no longer needed. Smartface CLI tool automatically selects the right player by checking the following items in order:

  • playerPath field in config/project.json

  • Player defined with the use command in CLI (see example below)

  • Default player of the CLI

Open Terminal enter the following command to the terminalShell

smartface use beta

For detailed usage, please run the following command:Shell

smartface use --help