Account Management

In the account section, following options are available for managing your Smartface Cloud account:

  • Account and License Information

  • Switching Teams

  • SSH Keys for Private Repositories

  • Team Management

  • Notifications Management

  • Password Management

You can access the account page from the user menu on the top right.

Account Information

In the Account tab, you can see the profile information along with the usage details and limits of your plan.

You can also update your profile information on this page.

SSH Keys

This feature has been deprecated and replaced with the SSH support within the IDE. The field is preserved for backward compatibility only.

Switching Teams

If you are assigned to multiple enterprise teams, you can change your current team in the Account tab. Just select your team and press Switch Team. You will be automatically logged out.

When you log back in, you will see the projects and profiles of the selected team. Your data for other teams will stay intact and you can access them any time by switching to the related team.

You can have different permissions and different license limits in each team.

Team Management

In the Team tab, you can add/remove team members and assign permissions to them.

To add a new member, just type in their email address next to the Add User field and press "Add User". The user must have a valid Smartface Cloud account. You can only add emails for the domains specified above the text field.

To assign permissions to a user, click on their email address and check/uncheck the boxes under the related modules. Your changes are saved instantly. Below the user list, you can view the details of the currently assigned permissions for the selected user.

To delete a user, press delete and then confirm deletion.

Please note that the primary admin of the account cannot be deleted and their permissions cannot be revoked.

Email Notification Management

In the Notifications tab, you can toggle email notifications for certain events such as creation or deletion of profiles or recently published applications. Just click on a toggle and your changes will be saved instantly.

Change Password

In the Password tab, you can change your password after typing in your current password.