Cloud IDE Basics

Please refer to the numbered sections below for information about each numbered component in the following screen:

Project Panel

The “Project Panel” contains all of the files and folders in your project in a tree-based file navigation structure.

Run on Device

"Run on Device" allows you to deploy and run your application instantly on Android or iOS devices wirelessly.

Right Panel

"Share" button on the top right corner of your workspace allows you to share your project and manage the read/write permissions of each collaborator.

"Debugger" allows you to use debugging features for Android devices.

"Properties" allows you to change properties of selected object in the visual design editor.

Script Editor

Project coding is done in the Script Editor. For more information, please refer to the guide about the Script Editor.

UI Editor

With the drag & drop visual editor, you design your applications without coding and view the design on different operating systems and devices. The UI editor creates JavaScript source code.

Terminal Window

Each application project is actually a standalone Linux system and almost any Linux commands are available in the Terminal. You can also use the Terminal for source control for Git, Mercurial and SVN repositories.