Updating the UI Editor

Taking full advantage of the cloud-based structure, you will be notified about new stable UI editor releases by default. You can either:

  • Keep working on your current version or

  • Click Update on the related notification and switch to the latest version

It is highly recommended to use the latest version of UI editor to have the best experience.

Viewing the UI Editor Version

After receiving an update notification and performing the update, dependencies section in the package.json file will be updated automatically with the exact version of the UI editor that you are using.

This update method is fairly easy.

Once you receive a notification like above, click the notification icon.

Then click Update.

Wait for the tab to reload.

The update is now complete.

Rolling Back the Update

After the update, if there is any need to rollback to the previous version, you can do so. All of your files will be extracted from the backup.

Updating Manually (advanced)

Determine the desired version of @smartface/smartface.ui-editor to be installed. Make sure it exists. You can run the following command from the terminal to view all available versions.

npm view @smartface/smartface.ui-editor

Let's assume that you want to use 6.6.4. Run the following command in the terminal.

npm i --save --save-exact @smartface/smartface.ui-editor@6.6.4

Why is the --save-exact parameter required?

  • If you don't add the --save-exact parameter when running the command above, the version of the UI editor will be saved as ^6.6.4. This can cause issues when a developer wants to clone a new workspace from a git repository.

  • After the workspace creation from a git repository is complete, modules specified in package.json will be installed automatically.

  • For example if there is a 6.6.5 version on npm registry, it will be installed instead of 6.6.4 due to semantic versioning.

  • For this reason, --save-exact is required to avoid unwanted side effects.

After refreshing the page, you will start using the new version.

Any version can be used for @smartface/smartface.ui-editor package from 6.6.4 and above. Please conform to the semantic versioning rules when using manual updates.

Smartface Preview Program

If you prefer, you can also get notifications when a preview version is released. In order to do that, you need to join the Smartface Preview Program.

  • Click the rightmost icon at the top of the Cloud IDE to open Preferences.

  • Go to the Smartface Preview Program.

  • You can enable or disable receiving notifications for preview versions.

  • Refresh the page to apply your changes.

Smartface Preview Program Disclaimer

Please note that the preview versions include alpha or beta releases and may contain untested and/or unsupported features. You can use these versions at your own risk and Smartface is not responsible for any issues encountered by the users enrolled in the Smartface Preview Program.

Your preference of whether you want to join Smartface Preview Program or not, is stored in your workspace. Your other workspaces won't be affected. Likewise, if you create a new workspace, that preference is disabled by default.