Creating a New Project

Go to Smartface IDE login page. Perform login with username and password provided by Smartface team.

After login, you will see the types of projects that you can create. After you create a workspace, you will be redirected to dashboard full of workspaces you're working on. Each workspace indicates a separate project.

Due to licensing, workspaces per user may be limited. If you encounter any issues creating more than one workspace, please contact Smartface support team.

Click Smartface Multi-Channel App button. And you Smartface app project will be created with an auto generated name. If you want to customize the workspace you're creating, you can click Custom Workspace tab from the top.

  • Workspace name not contain special characters like space, dollar, etc. and should start and end only with digits, latin letters or underscores.

  • Temporary Storage must be left disabled as is.

  • Under Devfile, developer should select Smartface Multi-Channel App option.

  • After those steps, you are good to go. Scroll down and click Create&Open button.

You can clone public and private projects from a repository URL such as Git. It makes it easy to continue development with a previous projects.

Cloning a project from a remote source should be done after creating the workspace. Just define your SSH key to your Github or Bitbucket and then using terminal, you can clone your projects into your workspace.

Your project workspace will be created and you can start mobile development instantly.