On-Device Emulators

You can use Smartface Cloud on-device Android and iOS emulators to run your code instantly and seamlessly on a real device.

Run on Device (On-Device Android and iOS Emulator)

Smartface on-device emulator allows you to run your app instantly on any device (Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.). You can test your native iOS and Android apps regardless of which OS you use for development. You can use the on-device iOS emulator without a Mac or Xcode and you can use the on-device Android emulator without Android Studio or any other Android development environment installed on your PC/Mac.

Run on Device allows you to test your application on physical (real) devices. You can use on-device Android and iOS Emulators from the cloud. If you want to test your application, press the "Run on device" Button.

It will generate a unique QR Code for your workspace to be able to emulate your project.

How to Authorize Run on Device in Private Projects?

First, you need to share your private app project. You can follow the instructions below:

  • Go to your workspace choose "File" in the menubar then click "share".

  • When you click the Share button, an alert will appear to leave this site and you will be forwarded to another page.

  • The page contains a tabs like overview, Projects, Plugins ...ect. click on Share.

  • From Add Developer button you can select a developer to invite.

later to check

  • Shared users will be able to see the QR code when they press Run on Device.

Note: To use the on-device Emulator you must be connected to TCP port 8081, using wss and ws protocols (web socket). If your company or network provider does not allow connections to TCP port 8081, please contact the related provider.

Install Smartface On-Device Emulator

Downloading the Smartface On-Device Emulator for iOS and Android

If you haven't installed the Smartface On-Device Emulator, get it from the internal Enterprise App Store from your phone. Please contact with the support to retrieve the credentials.

Activating the Smartface iOS Widget

You can activate the Smartface Widget on iOS by following steps below; Note: Once you activated the widget, you won't have to activate it again even you if reinstall the Smartface On-Device Emulator.

Locating the On-Device Emulator on iOS and Android

When you install the on-device emulator, it will appear in the application menu of your device.

Run an Application in the Smartface On-Device Emulator

Open Smartface on-device Android and iOS emulator from your device and scan the QR Code. It will download all the resources and codes and load your application in the Smartface on-device emulator. After initializing and downloading steps you will be able to run your application for testing purposes.

Updating an App in the On-Device Emulator

Smartface allows you to make remote delta updates for testing purposes. If you check the notification center of your device you will see that Smartface widget/persistent notification has the "Update" Button. When you press update, it will download the modified or added resource files from your project.

If you use iOS 14 or later, you can also use Haptic Touch feature to fast-acces the Update button. Simply hold the Smartface icon:

Clearing On-Device Emulator Contents

Clear allows you to completely remove the downloaded files for Smartface on-device emulator. It cleans up the cached files.

Determine if the Current Code is Running on On-Device Emulator

On some cases, you might want your code to be run only on Smartface On-Device Emulator. The common cases are:

  • Logging for debug purposes

  • Published-Application-only concepts like Firebase, Push Notification

  • Plugins(some might require to be run on Published App only)

  • Internal concepts like auto-filling passwords for easier development or developer settings

Simply use Smartface Extension Utility located below: