On Smartface Cloud Dashboard, under development module, workspaces of the user are listed.

What is a Workspace?

Workspace is a dedicated Docker Container running a customized Ubuntu Server for the developer to work on the project. Each workspace has its own File System, Process, Memory. Each developer on the (same) project has their own different workspaces. Developers may use git to share code. The workspace on the cloud is quite similar to a folder on the developer own workstation and creating its own isolated environment per project. All folders except /home/ubuntu/workspace are read-only. Developers put their own code under that folder, the rest is prepared by the Smartface.


When the developer needs some help from another friend, they can invite another Smartface User, who has access to development module.Go to your workspace choose "File" in the menubar then click "share".

When you click the Share button, an alert will appear to leave this site and you will be forwarded to another page.

The page contains a tabs like overview, Projects, Plugins ...ect. click on Share.

From Add Developer button you can select a developer to invite.


Workspaces hibernate in order to free up unused resources. After 2 hours of inactivity, workspaces shutdown, and keep the files. Trying to open a hibernated workspace restores the state back. a notification box will appear, you can click the Refresh Page button page would be sufficient to restore it from hibernation.