API Reference: UI.StatusBar

This class represents the status bar object. Creating an instance of StatusBar is not valid since you can't use in anywhere. If you want to access the status bar object, you can access it via the UI.Page.statusBar property of a page.

If the StatusBar visible, page starts under the StatusBar for Android but StatusBar will overlaps the page for iOS if the HeaderBar is invisible at this moment.

const Page = require("sf-core/ui/page");
const extend = require("js-base/core/extend");
const Color = require('sf-core/ui/color');
const StatusBarStyle = require('sf-core/ui/statusbarstyle');
var Page1 = extend(Page)(
function(_super) {
_super(this, {
onShow: function(params) {
Application.statusBar.visible = true; = Color.create("#6FCAF7"); = StatusBarStyle.DEFAULT;
Application.headerBar.visible = false;
module.exports = Page1;