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Version: 7.3.1


How can I register?

Smartface is an enterprise platform. You can contact us or one of our local partners for enterprise licensing..

What is Smartface On-Device Emulator and how can I install it?

You can use Smartface On-Device Emulator to test and debug your Smartface Development projects in real time. You can download it by visiting on your mobile device.

Can I use Smartface On-Device Emulator to run an app from iTunes Store or Google Play Store?

Smartface On-Device emulator only works with iOS and Android apps developed with Smartface Platform. You can easily develop your own app with JavaScript by using Smartface.

How can I learn Smartface?

Smartface Developer Guides and API Docs are the best resources for you to learn Smartface. Contact us for more information about advanced resources and programs.

What happens if a trial feature expires?

You will not be able to create new projects and your current app development projects will be switched to a read only state but they will remain intact in your account. You can upgrade your account to activate your projects anytime.

What if I would like to have direct support?

Only enterprise owners are eligible for support.

How can I upgrade my subscription? What are the license types? Which one is right for my company/project?

You can contact us for more information about the license plans.

Do I need a Mac for publishing iOS apps?

No. Appcircle eliminates the need for a Mac to generate ready-to-use IPA files for iOS.

What kind of applications can I develop with Smartface?

Smartface is a flexible platform and you can develop almost any kind of general-purpose apps for any form factor for iOS and Android, including highly complex apps such as mobile banking or m-commerce.

What is the minimum OS version Smartface Supports?

Supported operating systems are >= Android 8.0 (API 26) and >= iOS 13.0\ When minimum supported OS versions are changed, we will keep you up to date with release notes.

Can I save my project to DCVS tools?

Every Smartface workspace is bundled with popular DCVS tools including git, mercurial and svn. You can use your terminal window (⎇+ T) to use related CLI commands. For example, go to Smartface Terminal and type 'git'. You will see all the common commands for git. You can also manage version control of your project using DCVS tools.

Can I use AWS code commit ?

AWS code is based on git. You can use built in git client in your workspace or you can just install AWS’s recommended client if there is any.

How do I debug?

Debugging is not supported at the moment.

How can I use plugins?

Native runtime iOS and Android plugins can be used to extend run-time features. With the plugin support, any Objective-C or Java code can be used in Smartface Native Framework. You can use plugins provided by Smartface or by third party developers or you can develop your own plugins. Please refer to the Developing and Using Smartface Plugins guide.


How do I code separately for iOS & Android for different UI needs?

Smartface is a single codebase platform and you can code once and deploy the same app to iOS and Android. However, if you would like to code specifically for each platform, the differences can be managed with the following implementations:

Image assets have separate folders iOS and Android. You can use different assets for different platforms and device types.

From the TypeScript code, you can use the System.OS API to detect the OS and customize the behavior easily for iOS or Android.

Can I use my own plugins?

Smartface allows you to use and build your own plugins, even with the community license. Please refer to the Plugins guide for more information.

Which version of JavaScript (EcmaScript) is supported?

Since Smartface uses Typescript to run its projects, you can write with EcmaScript version you wish. As compiled target, Smartface supports up to ES5.

Is it allowed to perform remote updates on iOS apps downloaded from the App Store (skipping store review)?

Yes, Smartface native engine uses JavaScriptCore as the interpreter, which complies with Apple's requirements.

As indicated in section 3.3.2 of the "Apple Developer Program Information" document available at Apple Documentation, downloaded scripts and code are allowed if they are run by Apple's JavaScriptCore, "provided that such scripts and code do not change the primary purpose of the Application by providing features or functionality that are inconsistent with the intended and advertised purpose of the Application as submitted to the App Store."

Therefore, it is allowed to make changes as long as the purpose of the app is kept intact. Due to the unique architecture of Smartface engine, you can change most of the things in an app remotely, which makes Remote App Update a powerful feature and we advise you to use it responsibly.