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Version: 7.3.1

Release Notes, 7.3.1

🚧 Minimum required:

@smartface/native v5.1.1 🚀
Android -> v7.3.1 🚀
iOS -> v7.3.1 🚀

Updated Modules

In order to fully migrate to the new version, you should update these packages:

  • You have to restart builder after updating the dependencies.
    • To restart the builder, select Run Builder from the Run menu.

In root of the project run the following command:

yarn install

In /scripts folder run the following command:

yarn install

For further information about versions, check the boilerplate project of Smartface for updated versions and match yours with the new ones:

Native and Framework Changes

Save to Files on Android

With this new feature, users can easily save files directly from our app to their device's internal or external storage. This means they can share their files easily.

Here's a code example in JavaScript for the Save to Files feature on Android using Smartface's Share module:

import File from "@smartface/native/io/file";
import { Share } from "@smartface/native/global";

const file = new File({ path: "images://smartface.png" });, this);

We then create a new File object using the file path images://smartface.png.

Next, we call the method with the File object and the current page (this) as parameters. This will save the file to the user's device storage and allow them to share it easily.

As with the previous example, this is just a basic example and you may need to modify it to fit your specific use case.

🆕 What's New

  • Maintenance: [Android] The default value of visibility for Badge property of Tabbar has been changed to false.
  • Maintenance: [Android] The default value for maxLines property of Label has been changed to 1.
  • Maintenance: [iOS] The default value of visibility for refreshEnabled property of GridView has been changed to true.
  • Feature: [Android] The android.includeFontPadding property has been added to Label.
  • Feature: [iOS] Custom sound support has been added to Push Notification.
  • Feature: Added borderRadiusEdges property to components that have borderRadius property.
  • Deprecated: The autoSizeEnabled property of ScrollView has been deprecated.
  • Deprecated: individual borderRadius has been deprecated. Use borderRadiusEdges instead.

🐞 Bug Fix

  • Fixed [Android] The obfuscation does not work if package name is different from the io.smartface.*.
  • Fixed [iOS] An error is thrown when the Font value is not entered in Badge propery of Tabbar.
  • Fixed [iOS] TextView does not appear when add it dynamically in ListView.
  • Fixed [iOS] When the BottomSheet is opened, the display of the ListView on back page is distorted.
  • Fixed [iOS] We fixed an issue on iOS where using the restart method of the Application was causing the app to freeze.
  • Fixed [iOS] exit method of Application is throwing an error.
  • Fixed [iOS] The Icon resolution is not correct when the Icon is added to the Tabbar.
  • Fixed [iOS] Even if the device is cleared, setInterval method is still working.
  • Fixed [iOS] Shadow disappears when the state of switch changes.
  • Fixed [iOS] When label's maxLine value is set to null or undefined, it should take the default value.
  • Fixed If the borderRadius value is defined after the maskedBorder, the borderRadius value is not applied.

📑 Documentation

The following docs are updated, you can have a look to see what's new:

  • SearchView
    • Added the use of Styles for iOS.
  • Push Notification
    • Added the use of Custom Sound for iOS.
  • Page
    • Added the use of padding.
  • GridView
    • Added the behavior of refreshEnabled property for horizontal orientation.

IDE Changes

IDE Releases are held in its respective place. You can reach it under:

For IDE Documentation & Usage, you can refer to this documentation:

UI Editor Basics

Autosizing for Components

We're excited to announce that Smartface IDE now supports autosizing for components! With this feature, you no longer need to manually specify the height and width of your components. Instead, Smartface IDE will automatically adjust the size of the component based on its content and layout constraints.

Here are some of the benefits of using autosizing for components:

  • Improved visual design: Components will now adapt to the content they hold, resulting in a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing interface.
  • Reduced development time: You no longer need to spend time manually adjusting the size of each component. Instead, the framework will handle it for you.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to your feedback. As always, if you have any questions or issues, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

🆕 What's New

  • Feature: Added pagination to Glyphs Picker.
  • Feature: Added hint property of the TextArea.
  • Feature: Added hint property when displaying CombinedStyle.
  • Feature: Added reference number to track object in the JSON Viewer.
  • Feature: Added clone from git option when creating a new project.
  • Maintenance: When StackRouter is added to the Router Explorer, it includes default the Route in the Router Explorer tree.
  • Maintenance: Performans improvements have been made adding class.
  • Maintenance: All icons come by default in the Glyphs Picker.
  • Deprecated: Font Size, Font Family and color values for TextView have been removed from class.

🐞 Bug Fix

  • Fixed It not possible to changed the color of the TextView component's text in the Library.
  • Fixed Keyboard shortcuts are not working in the Router Explorer.
  • Fixed backgroundColor value of the ScrollView layout is not applied.
  • Fixed When the align property of the ScrollView changes, the ScrollView is not updated.
  • Fixed Router Explorer is not updated when the Page added.
  • Fixed Variables part in ColorPicker is not working in the TextView.
  • Fixed Behavior does not cancel when adding component to the Page.
  • Fixed Keyboard shortcuts are not working in the TextView.
  • Fixed Image resoluton is not correct when the ImageView is added to the Page.
  • Fixed Does not draw the border to the SearchView component.
  • Fixed An error is thrown when selecting borderColor from variables in the Textbox.
  • Fixed When the color property of the Statusbar is changed on the Page, it changed accross the application.
  • Fixed Customheader's backgroundColor is not applied.