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Version: 7.3.2

What is Smartface Native Framework?

Smartface Native Framework (SNF) is the underlying framework in Smartface IDE to develop native iOS and Android apps just with JavaScript. SNF provides full, 100% native API access for iOS and Android directly through JavaScript all the APIs are always available without the need for waiting for framework updates.

Smartface Native Framework Architecture

Single Code Base Interface (Smartface Native)

It is a javascript interface that provides ready-to-use components for developing native applications by single codebase. For example by using Button component in Smartface Native you can get Button natively on both iOS & Android.

V8 Engine

Google's open source high-performance JavaScript engine.

JavascriptCore Engine

The JavaScriptCore Framework provides the ability to evaluate JavaScript programs from within Swift, Objective-C, and C-based apps.


This C++ Bridge provides communication between javascript engines and operating systems. It also has some business logic and communication protocol between devices and Smartface IDE.


Developers can use their native libraries on Smartface Framework.

How to use Single Code Base Interface?

UI Elements

How to access Native API's directly?

Accessing Native APIs