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Version: 7.3.2

Release Notes, 6.16.1

This is a minor maintenance release.

🚧Minimum required:​

sf-core v4.2.1
Android :v6.16.1
iOS: v6.16.1
UI Editor: v6.15.1
Context: v2.2.10
CLI: v6.15.5
IDE: v7.6.1

❗️Prerequisites for the update​

We made some structural changes on the dependency distribution to improve your experience. For this reason, the .npmrc file under the scripts folder requires an update.

Player version must be the updated to 6.16.1 version.

For this update, please edit your .npmrc file under scripts folder to update the npm registry url.JavaScript


What's new?​

  • Framework - rangeSlider thumb shadow view can be editable in iOS.
  • Framework - Emulator can download resources over VPN now.
  • Framework - Adding new performWithoutAnimation property to the View for iOS.
  • Framework - The Sharing contact name in Android is similar to iOS now.
  • Framework - Convert TextContentType to iOS property.
  • Framework - Http request image bug is fixed.
  • Framework - Android Security fixes for published app.
  • Framework - Handled onSuccess event for pickFromGallery correctly.
  • Framework - fix a minor contentInset null bug.
  • Framework - Added title and organization property to Contact.
  • Framework - Added shareContacts method to Share.