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Release Notes, 7.3.3

🚧 Minimum required:

@smartface/native v5.1.4 πŸš€
Android -> v7.3.3 πŸš€
iOS -> v7.3.3 πŸš€

Smartface IDE -> 0.13.0 πŸš€

Updated Modules​

In order to fully migrate to the new version, you should update these packages:

  • You have to restart builder after updating the dependencies.
    • To restart the builder, select Run Builder from the Run menu.

In root of the project run the following command:

yarn install

In /scripts folder run the following command:

yarn install

For further information about versions, check the boilerplate project of Smartface for updated versions and match yours with the new ones:

Native and Framework Changes​

Added Calendar Event Module​

We can now add events to the native calendar. Below is an example code snippet:

import CalendarEvent from "@smartface/native/device/calendarevent";
title: "Event Title",
description: "Event Description",
location: "Ankara, Etimesgut, TΓΌrkiye",
startDate: "2023-05-26T07:10:42.616+03:00",
endDate: "2023-05-26T13:30:42.616+03:00",
allDay: false,

To use this module on iOS, you need to request permission.

Custom Sound for Push Notifications on Android​

To add a custom sound to Push Notifications in Android, you need to create a notification channel. You can also delete this channel if needed. Below is an example code snippet:

import { Notifications } from "@smartface/native/global";

this.btnCreateNotificationChannel.on("press", () => {{
id: "101",
name: "name",
description: "description",
sound: "sound",

this.btnDeleteNotificationChannel.on("press", () => {"101");

Please add the sound file to the config/resources directory. When sending a notification, you need to provide the channel ID.

curl --location '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: key=YOUR_KEY' \
--data '{
"notification": {
"title": " This is my title new ",
"body": " This is the body of my message ",
"android_channel_id": "101"

When obtaining a build, it is necessary to update the CLI version to 7.2.0.

πŸ†• What's New​

  • Maintenance: [Android] The default value for imageFillType property of ImageView has been changed to NORMAL.
  • Maintenance: [Android] The Share module API has been updated.
  • Feature: [Android] An API has been provided for Custom Notification Sound.
  • Feature: The CalendarEvent module has been added.

🐞 Bug Fix​

  • Fixed [Android] The systemIcon property of TabbarItem component does not work.
  • Fixed [Android] When the ImageView.image is assigned to another ImageView, it throws an error.
  • Fixed [Android] Sometimes, the application crashes when the onOrientationChange method is triggered.
  • Fixed [iOS] pagination property of GridView does not provide smooth functionality when scrolling to the right.
  • Fixed [iOS] If the backgroundColor value of badge is assigned after the text, the backgroundColor value will not be applied.
  • Fixed [iOS] If a gif added to GifImageView using loadFromUrl or fetchFromUrl methods, the methods of GifImageView will not work.(Such as startAnimation, stopAnimation).
  • Fixed [iOS] In the ImageView, the fetchFromUrl method assigns the image without waiting for the onSuccess callback to execute.
  • Fixed Unable to change the font property of TabbarItem component.

πŸ“‘ Documentation​

The following docs are updated, you can have a look to see what's new:

IDE Changes​

IDE Releases are held in its respective place. You can reach it under:

For IDE Documentation & Usage, you can refer to this documentation:

UI Editor Basics

πŸ†• What's New​

  • Feature: The dependency manager panel has been added.

🐞 Bug Fix​

  • Fixed The imageView normal filltype handling