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Version: 7.3.2

TS Compiler (Watcher)

TS Compiler (Watcher) is Typescript compiler which is responsible to convert your code to javascript.

  • TS Compiler (Watcher) is a service that watches your code and reports errors and warnings.

  • The Typescript configuration file is located in the root of your project called tsconfig.json.

  • The target is set to ES5 is set to tsconfig.json and targeting ES6 will not work.

  • TS Server is different from TS Compiler (Watcher). TS Server is a service that runs in the background from IDE and is responsible for showing intellisense and syntax highlighting.
  • To use TS Compiler (Watcher), make sure that @smartface/tsc-watch module is installed in the root directory. You can check if it's already installed in package.json.

Troubleshoot Dispatcher

  • If you have any issues with TS Compiler (Watcher) you can restart TS Compiler (Watcher) by selecting Run TS Compiler from the Run menu.

  • If your your editor shows an errors which is not appears in TS Compiler (Watcher). You can restart your TS server by pressing CTRL (Cmd) + Shift + P in your editor and type Restart TS server and click on it.

Project Architecture

Compiler Status

You can see on the status bar of the IDE that your compiler is currently having errors or is compiled successfully:

.theia/compiler_status.json is a file that is used to store the status of the TS Compiler (Watcher). When the status is true, that means you have no Compiler error on the project and you can safely apply changes in order to see the changes on the Mobile Device.


We recommend keeping the .theia/compiler_status.json file in .gitignore since it is totally used for local purposes.