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Version: 7.3.2

Release Notes, 6.16.5


Within this release, Smartface moved all of their closed-sourced packages and codebase to open source counterparts with different package names.

The old repositories and registries are deprecated and will not be maintained.

Smartface Repository Migration

To keep Smartface up to date, we have moved all of our open-source repositories to a single place, avoiding the cluster within the package.json file in the scripts directory.

The packages that undergo name change under Smartface Platform

The packages that undergo name change under Smartface IDE

All barebone Smartface IDE services have been moved under monorepo structure. You can check out the repository here:

  • @smartface/transpiler -> @smartface/builder
  • @smartface/emulator-dispatcher -> @smartface/builder
  • @smartface/libraryservice -> @smartface/builder

You can checkout the @smartface npm registry and the open source repositories via these links:

Smartface NPM Registry

Smartface GitHub Organization

New Smartface Boilerplate

Within this changes, Smartface also developed a new workspace template to ease kickstarting to the Smartface world right away!

You can check the boilerplate under this link:

If you already have a Smartface Project which uses the old structure, you can sync the files within the boilerplate repository and change your imports. Feel free to contact support!

Changes on Release 6.16.5

🚧 Minimum required:

@smartface/native v4.3.4 🚀
Android :v6.16.5 🚀
iOS: v6.16.5 🚀
UI Editor: v6.15.1
Context: v3.0.0
CLI: v6.15.7 🚀
IDE: v7.6.1

This Release focuses on stability and documentation, together with improvements.

Accessibility & Test Automation

Starting 6.16.5, there is a new file named ids.xml for Android. This file is used for accessibility purposes. You should commit this file. More details are at:


A new playground repository to test out new features and follow the best practices can be found under GitHub:

🆕 New Feature

🐞 Bug Fix

  • [Typing] Fixed a case that Auto-import of the modules referring to the wrong path
  • Fixed a bug that causes iOS 14 Date & Time pickers not working correctly
  • Fixed a bug that camera on Huawei devices being inverted for a brief period when the camera is switched
  • Now applying max zoom level properly on iOS devices with MapView
  • By default, alerts on iOS have proper order of buttons now

📑 Documentation

New RTL Theme Generator

When your application should support both LTR and RTL texts, you should also keep in mind about the UI changes since people who use RTL texts also approach the mobile devices in a different way.

Within this, Smartface developed a RTL theme generator from a normal theme file. Instead of converting things randomly, you can use the generator for your projects. It has capabilities like:

  • Assigning a different font for RTL
  • Auto mirror the images if necessary
  • Convert MIDLEFT to MIDRIGHT or vice versa
  • Convert Flex_Direction to the reverse direction

More information can be found on the RTL documentation:

RTL And LTR Support

New Smartface Playground