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Version: 7.3.0


Settings file presents under /scripts/settings.json.

Settings used by UI Editor is stored in this file including version of workspace and theme related settings. Sample settings.json is as follows:

"config": {
"theme": {
"currentTheme": "workspaceTheme",
"themes": [
"baseTheme": "workspaceTheme"
"version": "6.6.0"


IDE updater performs updating the workspace by looking version field of settings.


settings.json shouldn't be added to .gitignore file of your repository. If you do so, unexpected side effects may occur.

Settings Options

There are two .theia folders. One is located in the user application folder on your computed and the other is located in the .theia folder in the root of your project.

.theia Folder in the workspace

.theia in the root folder is to store workspace-wide settings. Settings stored inside your workspace only apply to that workspace you are working on

Collaboration and applying a common setting

If you want a setting to be available for everyone who is contributing to your project, simply add your desired setting into your .theia/settings.json file and commit that file so that everyone else can use them.


.theia folder is included in the .gitignore by default, therefore you need to exclude that from the .gitignore file.

Since there are .theia/compiler_status.json and other possibly local files in the project, we recommend you to only exclude .theia/settings.json file.

Example of .gitignore file:


.theia Folder in your Local System

The other .theia folder is located in the user application folder on your computer. This stores the settings of your whole IDE settings. Those settings persist between workspaces and they are specific to you.


The way the settings are stored and managed are similar to Visual Studio Code. You can follow their documentation in order to gain more insight about settings: