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Version: 7.3.0

Smartface Command Line Interface (CLI)

Smartface has a CLI tool which helps you with various tasks which normally require scripting. With Smartface CLI, you can:

Install the Smartface Command Line Interface

You can use the following shell commands to install the Smartface CLI. Smartface recommends to use Yarn.

NPM Package and its README can be found under the link:

yarn add smartface

// or install it with npm
npm i smartface

If you plan to export your Xcode&Android Studio a lot, you can install Smartface CLI directly into root package.json of your Smartface project. That way you can write a script to automate the build process.


npx smfc <rest of command>

Installing Globally

yarn global add smartface

// or install it with npm
npm install --global smartface

smfc <rest of command>

Install Other Versions of Smartface Command Line Interface

When it's mentioned in the release note or somewhere else(support ticket etc.), you might be in need to change version of the CLI.

CLI uses beta prerelease tag to track bleeding edge versions.

// install the latest beta Smartface cli version
yarn add smartface@beta

// install a specific Smartface cli version
yarn add smartface@6.15.1

// check Smartface cli version
npx smfc -v

Update Smartface Command Line Interface

Since Smartface CLI is a node module, update process are handled through yarn or npm, whichever package manager that you use.

To update, simply run yarn upgrade or npm update.

...if you have preferred to install Smartface CLI package globally, use yarn global update or npm --global update instead.

Usage of Smartface Command Line Interface

Simply type npx smfc -h in order to get the available commands.

To get help with a specific task, type in npx smfc --help=task

For more information, refer to: