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Version: 7.3.2

Cursor Color

API Reference.


You can change cursor color of the TextBox or any other component which includes a Text Field like this:

this.textBox1.cursorColor = Color.RED;


In Android, changing cursorColor property will not work. You can change cursor color by using the following documentation:

Changing Styles of Native Components
"__applicationAndroidStyle": {
"colorPrimary": "#00A1F1" // your cursor color

Please take note that this value will only affect the published application. This change will not be applied on the Smartface Emulator.


Changing colorPrimary value will also change the following colors of the Published Application:

  1. Alert Texts
  2. Dialog Text colors
  3. Cursor Color of TextBoxes
  4. BottomTabBar and TabBar text colors (configurable)

For more information about how colors work in Android, refer to the material design guide: