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Version: 7.2.0

Release Notes, 7.2.0

๐Ÿšง Minimum required:

@smartface/native v5.0.4 ๐Ÿš€
Android -> v7.2.0 ๐Ÿš€
iOS -> v7.2.0 ๐Ÿš€

Updated Modulesโ€‹

In order to fully migrate to the new version, you should update these packages:

In root of the project run the following command:

yarn install

In /scripts folder run the following command:

yarn install

For further information about versions, check the boilerplate project of Smartface for updated versions and match yours with the new ones:

Native and Framework Changesโ€‹

Android 13 โ€‹

We adopted the Smartface platform to Android 13 which introduce new features as well as behavior changes aimed at making the Android more helpful, more secure, and better performing. In many cases your app will work exactly as expected out of the box, while in other cases you might need make changes to your app to adapt to the platform changes.

Battery Resource Utilizationโ€‹

Androidย 13 (API levelย 33) provides the following ways for the system to better manage device battery life:

Hide sensitive content from clipboardโ€‹

Android 13 and above shows the clipboard contents on the screen when the clipboard has set or copied a text. System.clipboard API deprecated and introduced new Clipboard API for this behavior.

You must use System.setClipboard and System.getClipBoard methods instead of deprecated System.clipboard for clipboard operations.

With new API, added android only isSensitive parameter. It can be used when copying sensitive information (password, credit card information, etc.) to the clipboard.

Using the isSensitive parameter prevents sensitive content from appearing in the content preview.

Copied text preview without using the isSensitive parameter.

Copied text preview when using the isSensitive parameter.

Intent filters block non-matching intentsโ€‹

When your app sends an intent to an exported component of another app that targets Androidย 13 or higher, that intent is delivered if and only if it matches an <intent-filter> element in the receiving app. Non-matching intents are blocked.

Similarly, if your app upgrades to Androidย 13 or higher, any intent sent from another app is delivered to an exported component of your app if and only if that intent matches a declared <intent-filter> element in your app.

This change effect to Linking feature. If your application uses Linking feature you should test and fix if it has non-matching intents.

How to solve non-matching intentsโ€‹

Example of intent definition

<action android:name="io.smartface.intent.action.EMULATOR" />
<data android:scheme="https"/>

Intent definition can contains action, category and data. These elements should be filled with suitable value (This depends on how other applications call your app). If intent definition does not contain suitable data, intents does not match.

Learn more about how to match intents to other apps' intent filters

Granular media permissionsโ€‹

If your app targets Androidย 13 or higher and needs to access media files that other apps have created, you must request one or more of the following granular media permissions instead of the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission:

Type of mediaPermission to request
Images and photosREAD_MEDIA_IMAGES

On API Level 32 (Android 12) and below you must use READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

On API Level 33 (Android 13) and above you must use granular media permissions.

If you request both the READ_MEDIA_IMAGES permission and the READ_MEDIA_VIDEO permission at the same time, only one system permission dialog appears.

Runtime permission for notificationsโ€‹

Androidย 13 (API levelย 33) introduces a runtime notification permission: POST_NOTIFICATIONS. This change helps users focus on the notifications that are most important to them.

By default applications cannot send notifications unless user grant notification permission in API Level 33 (Android 13) and above. This behaviour effects Firebase Push Notification and Local Notifications on Android.

To support this behaviour, you should add POST_NOTIFICATIONS permission to config/Android/AndroidManifest.xml file.

<manifest ...>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.POST_NOTIFICATIONS"/>
<application ...>

At runtime, you should check if the app has notification permission and if not, request the user for permission.

Below, you can see a sample code to request notification permission to post local notification.

async requestPermission() {
const permissionResult = await;
return permissionResult[0] === PermissionResult.GRANTED;
checkPermission() {
return < 33 ||;
async checkPermissonAndPostNotification() {
if (this.checkPermission()) {
//post notification
} else {
if (await this.requestPermission()) {
//post notification

You must not check and request notification permission in API Level 32 (Android 12) and below.

๐Ÿ†• What's Newโ€‹

  • Feature: [Android] Added Android BottomSheet feature.

  • Removed [Android] Emulator Notification removed

    • Emulator Notification removed from Android Emulator, you can still use the widget to clear, update and scan activities.
  • Feature [Android] Added nestedScrollingEnabled property for Listview and GridView to support nested scrolling in BottomSheet.

  • Feature Added Icon component to Smartface Native module

  • Feature Added Custom HeaderBar feature for both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Tweaked ClassName adding/removing actions are tweaked, now you can add/remove classes with simplfied syntax.

    • You can still use the old syntax without any problem.

    New usage:{ visible: true });

    Old usage:

    type: 'updateUserStyle',
    userStyle: {
    visible: value

If you have getter/setter functions that are named as style compiler will throw an error.

 get style() {
return this._style;
set style(value) {
this._style = value;

// should be changed to

get myStyle() {
return this._style;
set myStyle(value) {
this._style = value;

๐Ÿž Bug Fixโ€‹

  • Fixed [Android] Fix LocalNotification not working
  • Fixed [Android] Label MIDCENTER alignment does not work properly
  • Fixed [Android] onInterceptTouchEvent throws error when touch the screen in SFYogaLayout
  • Fixed [Android] ExposingEngine extend not working due to missing dependencies
  • Fixed [Android] Android Image resizing issue with float number
  • Fixed [Android] pickFromGallery always return video
  • Fixed [Android] Android only properties not working in GridView
  • Fixed [Android] Android-only properties not working in ListView when using via constructor
  • Fixed [Android] Headerbar throws an error when use setItems with image
  • Fixed [iOS & Android] TextView letterSpacing works differently on both platforms
  • Fixed [iOS] SearchView BorderWidth does not apply
  • Fixed [iOS] TextView using attributedText and scrollEnabled together causes crash
  • Fixed [iOS] Constructor parameters not working in Textview
  • Fixed [iOS] Shadow radius not working with null value
  • Fixed [iOS] When you add contentInset value, spancount is broken on GridView
  • Fixed [iOS] gridView scrollTo method not working
  • Fixed [iOS] iOS Multimedia.capturePhoto crashes the application
  • Fixed [iOS] TextView using attributedText and scrollEnabled together causes crash
  • Fixed [iOS] AttributedText on TextView needs a touch to expand properly
  • Fixed [iOS] iOS on Page Life Cycle, going back on page will need applyLayout

๐Ÿ“‘ Documentationโ€‹

The following docs are updated, you can have a look to see what's new:

IDE Changesโ€‹

IDE Releases are held in its respective place. You can reach it under:

For IDE Documentation & Usage, you can refer to this documentation:

UI Editor Basics

๐Ÿ†• What's Newโ€‹

  • Feature: Added Icon component to Smartface IDE
  • Feature: Added Custom HeaderBar feature to Smartface IDE
  • Feature: Add System Requirements when there's an error occurred.

๐Ÿž Bug Fixโ€‹

  • Fixed Font parsing in irregular font names.
  • Fixed Image Resource Manager Search does not work.
  • Fixed Arrangement of ImageView.FillType Picker.